Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Physical Activity is the promotion and engagement of exercise and movement in addition to the 60 minutes per week timetabled curriculum subject of Physical Education. St. Margaret’s National School actively promotes the message that children require 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. In St. Margaret’s National School we have been extremely busy as we have engaged in a wide variety of different programmes, ideas, and initiatives which have inspired the children to become more active.

St. Margaret’s National School promotes the full range of fundamental movement skills during break times and pupils are encouraged to run, play and to do ‘talking as you’re walking’. We have two daily playground breaks and our schoolyard is zoned and marked to allow children to engage in a variety of different activities. Our school has playground leaders who set up activities and sports equipment during break times for others to use.

All pupils engage in an extended classroom-based physical activity break on wet days and short physical activity breaks during the day.
Our school incorporates physical activity into school calendar events as we hold different seasonal activities and events.

Our school incorporates physical activity into school calendar events as we hold different seasonal activities and events.

St. Margaret’s N.S. Active School Slogan

The children came up with their own slogans and colourful posters to promote the importance ‘being active’. They came up with so many creative ideas and the overall winner was Amelia Woolsey in Fifth Class who came up with the slogan ‘Exercise to Energise’.

Competition Winners

Infants: Madison Burnett, Finn Fitzgerald and Poppy Duggan

First & Second Class: Alex Woolsey & Pippa Daly

Third & Fourth Class: Layla Leonard, Billy Leonard and Sarah Burke

Fifth & Sixth Class: Amelia Woolsey, Niamh Miles, Sarah Costello & Leah Burke

Sporty Selfies

As part of our Active Flag initiative we are asking pupils to share their ‘Sporty Selfies’ with our school. A ‘Sporty Selfie’ involves taking a photo of your child being active or sporty. It could be a photo of them playing hurling, football or basketball. Or maybe a...

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Active Yards

The Active School Committee ensures that everybody tries to be active in the yard. They encourage pupils to ‘Do your Talking while You are Walking’ thus encouraging movement during break times. The squad members also ensure inclusion for everyone during break time...

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HIIT Sessions & Workshop

‘Daly Exercise’ coach Glen Daly joined forces with St. Margaret’s N.S. to facilitate an age appropriate high intensity interval training (HIIT) session and fitness workshop with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils on 8th November. The children enjoyed performing...

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Run Around Europe

Last November we commenced a non-competitive running initiative called 'Run Around Europe’. We mapped out a 100 metre track around the school and we decided that each lap would be equal to a kilometre. Every class in the school has been participating in the initiative...

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Sam Maguire visits St. Margaret’s N.S.

Yet another visit from Sam to our school! We were delighted when Dublin star Brian Howard came to our school and brought along Sam Maguire for us all to see. We gave him a warm welcome and the children had the opportunity to ask him some questions. Brian had a very...

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Halloween Flash Mob Dance

The whole school performed a dance routine to Michael Jackson’s song ‘Thriller’ on our last day of school before midterm. The dance was choreographed by Ella, Sarah, Kate and Cara who taught the moves to the rest of the school. We all had great fun dancing in our...

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Active Homework

Each teacher is asking their class to continue to complete some form of PE homework every Monday night. This varies every week and within every class. It could be a simple task like getting out for a walk or cycle in the fine weather or some teachers have even...

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