Loan of Digital Device

As a follow up from our recent Distance Learning Survey we recognise that engaging in Distance Learning has been more difficult for some families than others, because not every family has easy access to a digital device for their child(ren). For this reason, we would like to try to help those families that we can, by offering a loan of one of the school devices for the duration of this distance learning period.

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of devices that we can offer on loan to families. Devices will be allocated to families based on their need, according to the following categories:

  1. Families with no device at all
  2. Families with only smartphones
  3. Where the only devices in the household are needed for parents working or for siblings in secondary school
  4. Families where the proportion of people to devices is low e.g. 6 in the house and only 2 devices
  5. Other

If your family would like to apply for the loan of a device, please complete the form below by Thursday 21st May. We will inform you by Friday 22nd May whether we are able to loan you a device, and arrange for you to collect it.

​Families borrowing a school device will be asked to sign our Distance Learning – Digital Device Acceptable Use Agreement. Please read this agreement before applying to borrow a device in the fields below.

Application For Loan of Digital Device

By clicking this button, I indicate that I have read the Acceptable Use Policy for the loan of Digital Devices ( linked above ), and would be happy to adhere to this agreement. *

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