Physical Education

Physical Education

Our PE curriculum is broad and varied and we acknowledge the importance of providing 60 minutes of physical activity everyday for the children. We teach the six strands of the PE curriculum. These include Games, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Aquatics and Outdoor & Adventure Activities. All classes except Infants attend swimming lessons each year as part of the Aquatics strand of the PE curriculum. 

By taking part in the Active School Flag programme it has helped us to focus on an improved provision of Physical Education in the school. Teachers use the Primary Schools Sports Initiate to help when teaching and delivering the different strands. Our teachers also use a number of other programmes to support their teaching such as the “Move Well Move Often” programme and “Action for Life” by the Irish Heart Foundation. The strands are also supported by our visiting GAA coach Nigel, gymnastics coaches Jan and Craig, our dance coach Keith and exercise coach Glen. 

Each year our school prioritises a different PE strand for further development. This year we are focusing on fundamental movement skills and the gymnastics strand. The fundamental movement skills are focused on across the PE curriculum whether it be teaching how to throw and catch in through Games strand or balancing and landing through the Gymnastics strand,these skills should be taught explicitly.

This year we partnered up with Activate Sports for a six week block of gymnastics coaching for Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second class. The children learned about the different gymnastics shapes (straight, straddle, star, tuck, pike) and how do do a cartwheel, forwards roll, landings and balance. 

The children in Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth class had the opportunity to complete six workshops with coach Glen Daly from Daly Exercise. Glen taught the children about their muscle groups and they learned how to do exercises such as squats, burpees, push ups, lunges, mountain climbers and much more. These HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions really were a big hit with the children. 

The fundamental movement skills are the basic building blocks of movement and are an essential part of everyday life and recreational activity.It is only when these skills are mastered that a child can go on to develop specialised movement skills which will allow them to reach their potential in sports specific endeavours (PDST Move Well Move Often)






Land PAWS Programme

All of the children in St. Margaret's National School have completed the land PAWS programme. The programme is taught as part of the Aquatics PE strand and the SPHE curriculum. It outlines life-saving guidelines for children of every age. PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water...

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‘Action For Life’ Teacher Training

The Irish Heart Foundation, the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke, runs teacher training workshops for Action for Life. The teachers here at St. Margaret’s N.S. recently completed the Action for Life workshop which is supported by the Department of...

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Active Homework

Each teacher is asking their class to continue to complete some form of PE homework every Monday night. This varies every week and within every class. It could be a simple task like getting out for a walk or cycle in the fine weather or some teachers have even...

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