ASF Partnerships

Partnerships within and outside the school are an important aspect of the Active School Flag. When a school participates in the Active School Flag Programme it is vital to interact and engage with other organisations and clubs. We invite sports clubs, athletes and physical activity providers from the local community to talk to the pupils or to give taster sessions of their activity. We constantly try to raise awareness of the huge variety of ways in which people can be physically active.

Within St.Margaret’s N.S we established our own ASF committee at the outset of the process. The committee is made up of two pupils from each class in the school and they meet regularly with Ms. South to discuss their plans and initiatives for this active school year. The members keep all classes up to date on ASF news and events and they have various leadership roles and duties. Some of these duties include active yard monitors, PE equipment monitors, dance troop leaders and much more. Our school has an ASF notice board which is updated and monitored regularly.

Our school informs pupils and parents about physical activity opportunities that are available in the local community. The school has a strong relationship with St. Margaret’s Gaelic Athletic Club and we have weekly sessions with an external coach from the club.

St. Margaret’s N.S. acknowledges physical activity and sporting success achieved during and outside of school hours. The children’s achievements are documented on our school ASF notice board and they love to see their photos displayed.


Active Squad 2021 – 2022

Friendship Week Fundraising Music Concert for Pieta House

On 28th April 2023 we held a concert in which all parents, families and friends were invited to attend. This was an outdoor concert on the school grounds and there was an admission fee. A total of €540 was raised and all proceeds went directly to Pieta House. Our...

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Friendship Week St. Margaret’s NS. 24th – 28th April 2023

Over the course of Friendship Week, Children in all classes participated in “New Friend Scavenger Hunts.” Class Lessons were taught on the theme of "Friendship" and the characteristics of what makes a good friend. The children wrote out “Friendship Recipes"  Children...

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History STEM showcase!

Ms. Keegan’s 1st and 2nd Class were thrilled to be invited into 3rd & 4th class in March to admire their history projects. Ms. Dunne’s class enjoyed using Technology and made fascinating powerpoints using the school’s set of Chromebooks.

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