Physical Activity makes you feel good!

“International research proves that being physically active improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and negative moods and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function.” (Active School Flag) 

To raise awareness about these facts, and because we know how important it is to find lots of different ways to keep everyone active throughout the year, we are joining the Active School Flag’s NEW initiative called #FeelGoodFridays. 

On the last teaching Friday of each month schools are asked to inject FUN and inclusive physical activity into the school day. We have decided to introduce an organised fun physical activity for big lunch EVERY Friday (not just once a month). Activities include obstacle courses, sprinting  competitions (with stopwatch), football, hoop toss, in addition to our daily active break activities which include skipping, hula hoops and dancing to music. Teachers are also encouraged to promote classroom breaks during the school day using Go Noodle for dance activities, laps of the schools grounds or our Astro pitch. We call these breaks DEAD time (Drop Everything and Dance) and DEAR time (Drop Everything and Run).

The Active Squad have been instrumental in setting up equipment for our daily active yard breaks and especially for Feel Good Fridays. The Active Squad members are trained as playground leaders and demonstrate the activities to their classmates ensuring everyone is having fun, themselves included.

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