Ms. Gorman’s 5th and 6th class students took part in the ESB Science Blast competition this year held online via Zoom. The class thought up of a question to investigate and through research and a tremendous team effort they produced a fabulous science investigation.

The class investigated ‘How hair colour can change over time?’

Through this investigation they looked at different ways in which hair can change colour. The students researched the effects of stress on hair colour, sunlight, age and the biology behind why our hair colour can change from an early age. They used this information to help them understand how hair colour changes over time and presented their findings to a judge. The class produced an excellent presentation and were highly commended by the judge for their use of creativity in their illustrations, their poetry (to introduce the research project), presentation and organisation skills, qualitative research carried out, there competence in presenting their research project as a team and their knowledge of what they had learned.

Well done 5th and 6th class on producing a fabulous piece of work. We are all extremely proud of your great efforts!

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