Last week we celebrated Engineers Week in our school which ran from the 29th February to the 6th March. Have a look at some of the fun engineering challenges we got stuck into. Many thanks to Ms Keegan for organising the resources for this exciting event.

Junior and Senior Infants learned about the different types of engineers. They made windmills during Aistear and participated in the Paper Cup Challenge to see who could build the tallest tower using paper cups.

1st and 2nd Class discussed the importance of engineers and the work they do. They participated in their own Paper Tower Challenge as well as an Egg Drop Challenge.

3rd and 4th Class love to build, create and design, so they had a fantastic time during Engineers Week. They worked in teams to build marbles mazes and spaghetti towers.  It was trickier than they thought it would be. With the tower they realised that the most import thing was a good sturdy base.  Without that the tower will fall over as many of them did!!  When building mazes they learned that a plan in really important before you start sticking anything into place. The most important lesson in this task was the importance of teamwork.  The team that listened to each other and helped each other got the best results.

3rd and 4th Class also hosted a science assembly and the whole school attended. They have been working on a science project for many weeks exploring how lenses work for sight. They presented fantastic research and findings with some cool demonstrations.

5th and 6th Class undertook an engineering case study. They used the school Chromebooks to research and answer various questions they had. They even had the opportunity to ask a real engineer some of their questions via live text-based chats online as part of the ‘I’m and Engineer Get me out of Here!’ public engagement activity.

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