Engineering Week is probably one of our favourite weeks of the year here in St. Margarets NS! The levels of enthusiasm, innovation, curiosity and determination amongst pupils and teachers alike, is AWESOME! This year the children in Ms. Gorman’s Infant class learned about the different types of Engineers and even took on the role of engineers in Aistear too! Using Jaggo blocks, they build impressive towers! Ms. Keegan’s 1st & 2nd class focused on Design and Make activities, constructing paper bridges and testing their strength using a LOT of Maths textbooks. They also attempted to build catapults using limited materials, exercising superb problem solving skills! Ms. Dunne’s 3rd & 4th Class had eggs-cellent fun testing the strength of egg shells, designing and making parachutes for their eggs! Children in this class also had fun building spaghetti towers! Mr. Gillic’s 5th & 6th Class were very fortunate to host guest speakers from EirGrid. Several engineers visited their class and presented them with some very interesting experiments! 

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