The Green team in St Margaret’s have been very busy this year.  Just before the midterm break we celebrated Climate Action Week.  The week was filled with fun activities.  We learned a lot about how and why our climate is changing, the effects of climate change on our planet and how we can and must take action to stop it. 

We began by saving energy through a no power hour.  All electrical devices were switched off and the lights were out.  On Tuesday we saw lots of cool videos about the causes of climate change.  The highlight of the week was eating yummy cupcakes and having a chat with our friends about climate change.  We planted daffodils in our yard and are looking forward to seeing them bloom in the spring.  At the end of the week we made a climate action pledge.  We all must play our part to protect our precious planet.  Together we can make a difference.   

Take a look at the fun we had during Climate Action Week in the video below.  

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