Miss Noone’s 5th and 6th Class have been exploring various science topics and conducting many experiments. The pupils worked in pairs and investigated a topic from a strand of their choice. They created their own PowerPoint presentations and demonstrated their hands-on experiments at their science assembly. Click on the links below to view their science presentations.

Energy and Forces

Bottle slam by Delia and Sean

Electricity by Sara and Niamh

Sound by Morgan and Ella

Space by Aaron and Cody

Bouncing eggs by Cara and Leah

Living Things

Fungi Experiments By Siadbh & Amelia

Teeth and Gums by Max


Volcanoes by Eoin and Kyle

Poisons by Isaac and Ruairí

Solar Stills by Ali and Aoife



The children in 5th and 6th class made their own parachutes using recyclable materials such as cloth, shopping bags and bin bags. Since parachutes slow down a fall, they’re designed to grab as much air as possible. But how? Physics tells us that the larger the surface area of an object when it’s in contact with the air, the harder it is for that object to travel through the air. So, the larger the parachute, the slower it falls.

The trapped air in the parachute spills off to one side of the parachute’s top, or canopy. This prevents it from falling straight. A small hole punched in the middle of the canopy will allow the parachute to fall straighter. The children raced their parachutes against one another to see which one would land first.

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