Visit to the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun

The Rediscovery Centre is an accredited Discover Primary Science and Maths centre offering interactive and experiential workshops for primary, secondary, and third level which cover wide ranging environmental and STEM topics. The children in 3rd and 4th Class had a great time on their recent visit to the centre where they learned all about energy and circuits.

The children learned about renewable and non renewable energy. They discovered the benefits of using renewable energy for sustainable living through a hands on workshop. They had the opportunity to investigate and make their own solar ovens using tinfoil and recycled containers to harness the suns energy and heat food. They constructed electrical circuits to power fans, speakers, light bulbs and alarms.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and are eager to return.


Young Engineers at work – Building Bridges

The children have been learning about the engineering behind building bridges and what makes them so strong. A strong bridge must be made from special material such as iron and steel but it takes more than tough materials to make a strong bridge. As a class they explored bridges in the locality as well as some famous bridges around the world. They compared the different kinds of bridges such as beam bridges, suspension bridges and cable stayed bridges. They discussed which bridges could hold the most weight and evaluated the reasons for this.

Following their research the children came up with their own designs for bridges which they first planned and designed on paper. They then constructed their bridges using a variety of materials which they brought into school from home. Take a look at some of their models below!

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